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Bespoke Fabrication | Grimstead Stainless
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Grimstead Stainless has a vast knowledge of the fabrication and manufacture sector, we produce high quality items and can design bespoke fabricated parts for any situation.
Using the latest technology in CNC laser, CAD design, cutting-forming equipment and welding and polishing techniques, we offer a product which is fit for requirement, strong and seamless.
We have been involved in many bespoke projects from fabricated structural items, bespoke tooling systems, pharmaceutical production parts and one-off commissioned items.
Although at our core we fabricate commercial kitchen stainless items, such as kitchen canopies, tables, shelving, racking, sinks, dishwasher accessories, heated gantries, hot cupboards and refrigerated displays, we are also happy to get involved in any one-off or bespoke items for any industry.
Whilst we try our best to keep up to date with the latest technologies, we are also rooted in traditional fabrication techniques with a lot of our fabricated products being mostly handmade and finished.
All our items can be delivered worldwide.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements or design ideas and we will be happy to help.