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Stainless Steel Gantries Hertfordshire | Grimstead Stainless
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Grimstead stainless manufacture all types of products including canopies, hot cupboards, gantries and many more. Grimstead provides the best quality fabrication services in Hertfordshire, We also pride ourselves on being efficient with our lead times so you know you’re getting a quality product in a reasonable time-frame.

Our Gantries are made using quality stainless steel, fully welded chassis units, jacketed heated lamps and dimmable light switches. We can make Heated Gantries in one, two and three tiers and can make them in various depths and with a varied amount of heat lamps. Our chassis design is strong and rigid and completely covers all wiring so as to keep the user safe from harm whilst allowing the right amount of airflow to keep the internal workings ventilated. All Heated Gantries are PAT tested before they leave our workshops as well as visual inspected and performance tested. Heated Gantries are used in many applications as pass over points, keeping food warm, keeping plates warm and much more.

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